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We provide realtime solutions to issues beyond ordinary imaginations. Science is simply magic you are used to but do not question. Experience the uncommon side of this magic and science. Here you can only be limited by your imaginations. Experience life like never before. Love Spell Caster Near Me

Spells are meant to create a connection between your dreams and realities. Connecting worlds beyond. Love Spell Caster Near Me

Spells are not dangerous. Spells are not Harmful. Spells are just realities that are not common to the human mind. Only a few can get to this level of belief. This makes spells extraordinary. You are in the right place to get things settle once and for all. Love Spell Caster Near Me

Love Spell Caster Near Me

Select the area that will best address your concerns and we will connection you to the right guru for a perfect solution.

Love Spell Caster Near Me

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Love Spell Caster Near Me

Love Spell That Works

Love Spell

Love spells are a very tough topic, and they can be very powerful as well. You must be very careful here, more than anywhere else, that you attempt to cast only the correct spell. This is the most perfect spell that offered today by our God fathers and mothers.
Love Spell Caster Near Me

Real Love Spell Fast Results
Real Love Spell Fast Results

Attraction Spell

Spells of attraction are a very powerful set of spells. They deal with how others see you, or in the case they are casted on another person, how others see them.

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Commitment Spell

These are the spells for you. These spells rarely fail and rarely backfire when cast correctly. This doesn't online apply to relationship commitments. This spell can be cast for a vast ranges of societal issues.
Love Spell Caster Near Me

Love spell fast results
Love spell fast results

Marriage Spell

This spell is used to bless a romantic relationship between two people. It is supposed to be cast by one of those two people and to be done so with the best intention for their relationship to blossom even more.

Love Spell That Works

Sex Spell

No need to go out and buy the latest sexual enhancement drugs, or go for painful and expensive plastic surgery. Now all you need is a little bit of magic and a little bit of practice. These spells make the pleasure of sex all the more better (or worse).

Real Love Spell Fast Results
Real Love Spell Fast Results

Enchantment Spell

These spells should not be confused with the enchantment spells. Where enchantment spells enchant items, enchanting spells are weak love spells, designed to make others enchanted with you. Most these spells have a short shelf life, lasting only a few days if not strengthened by recasting them over and over again, however, there are rarely any consequences from mis-casting these spells.
Love Spell Caster Near Me

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Truth Spell

Truth spells are fun spells to play with. With them you can find out the absolute truth from someone, or make them lie completely. When miss-cast these spells will often backfire upon the caster, causing them to speak nothing but lies, or worse yet, nothing but the truth.

Love spell fast results
Love spell fast results

Other Spells

We also have many other spell collections that we provide to our children in need via solicitation. These spells constitute a huge variation of spell that are not commonly used. However, not all issues will be able to be address. Contact us for such custom spell and we will get to your case for best possible solutions.
Love Spell Caster Near Me

Pricing Plans
Love Spell Caster Near Me

Remote Casting

When we cast spells remotely from where our children are located, the cause of the best is very moderate as we focus only on the items for the spell. However our prices vary based on the spell and spirituality of the free spirits.

Free spirits

USD $ 600-1000

Radical spirits

USD $ 800-1500

God Father/Mother Administration

These spells are caster by our children themselves. We drill our children to be able to cast these spell. Spell are administered on common object like perfume, body lotions, etc

Free spirits USD $ 1500-2000

Radical Spirits USD $ 1800-3000

Do It Yourself (DIY)

These spells are caster by our children themselves. We drill our children to be able to cast these spell. Spell are administered on common object like perfume, body lotions, etc

Free spirits

USD $ 500-800

Radical spirit

USD $ 750-1300

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Contact us to fix an appointment to meet in person

Case Study:

Love Spell Caster Near Me

I have been a believer in white magic love spells since I was a teenager. I’ve been struggling for a long time with my self-esteem and confidence. White Magic Love Spells Case StudyAnd I haven’t been myself since my Mom died about a year and a half ago. I want to tell you how I managed to be noticed by my dream man with spells that work in real life! I liked James. We travel by same bus every day, but he doesn’t seem to know that I’m alive. I knew that candle magic would help me, and I purchased an excellent Spell Casting E-kit. Still, I was concerned, he didn’t know me at all, and I was afraid since it would interfere with his free will. I was reading the instructions, and I decide to trust it completely. I started making a list of all the qualities that I like about James. I titled the final draft, “What qualities I want my perfect mate to have.” I knew that he is a tall, blond, physically well-developed male, and that was on my list. Soon, I realized that this was not enough. I added things I imagined James had, but I wasn’t sure. As I didn’t know him well, I continue my wish list with interest in mysticism, music, hiking, sailing, clubbing, and also to be a great dancer. I started to cast spells to anybody who was right for me, according to my wish list. I began to use an invisible magic love symbol. I placed it on my forehead to attract perfect matches like a magnet. I started to learn how to visualize. I found interesting music. It helped me to concentrate and raise energy toward my goal. While imagining my perfect man, I was telling the Universe what my goal was. I was able to “see” it precisely in my mind as if it was already a reality. I learned how to see every little detail as though my dream man was right in front of me. How long for white magic love spells to work? Only a month later, I met Peter, who is fantastic!!! We are happy and in a healthy relationship. He has all above and also loves animals, and he is brilliant in his career. I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! He even talks about us getting married! I didn’t limit my chances of success, I believed the candle spells, and I was patient enough for my real match. And the most crucial point – I didn’t interfere with anybody’s free will. I thanked my Goddess for her help, and I said a big thank you to my mentor from Simple Spell Casting. My advice to you: Black or White Magic for Love to be done correctly, needs to be carefully planned and executed. Love spells that work are never done lightly and in a hurry. In my opinion, in addition to spell casting, one of the best solution is to learn HOW TO TALK to man, catch and keep any man I desire. Learning how to talk with them will cause that one special man to crave for me like an addict wants their fix. In fact, from this point on, men will feel drawn to me immediately, in a crazy, almost chemical way. It’s virtually like seducing a man’s ears because it makes him feel so much in love with me. He’ll wake up and sleep with my name in his head. From what I experienced already, I can guarantee you that he will want to be in a relationship with you. Check it for yourself here

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Love Spell Caster Near Me

Waiting time for all our spells is between 29 to 49 day. 

Our Spells are simply natural and not violating any natural laws. There are no harmful side effects. However, if instructions not well followed it can led to inefficiency of spells

Worry not! We have trained more than enough of God children around the world whom can handle cases in major countries of demand. However, if the client need just their expertise; the client will have to take care of some part of the expenses.

Rem ridi culus pharetra eligendi labore nulla explicabo sem! Modi ipsa, dolores cupiditate elementum molestias dis animi, consequ untur pulvinar, fringilla ducimus facilisis habitant, irure erure? Fringilla metus nulla expli cabo sem!​

Of course yes. We will teach you how within fews hours.

Yes. All of these spells should work whether you are a man, woman, straight, LGBTQ, or however you identify. You also don’t need to go searching for “gay love spells”, use them and know that wherever there can be love, Magic will help. Work on your rituals until you feel confident enough and you will be able to modify the spells to fit your needs and all your personal circumstances.

As the old proverb says, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. This means that, just like with food preparation, one same recipe can have very different outcomes depending on who’s baking. What has worked for one Witch, might not work for another. Explore all the spells on this website knowing that they have worked for many Witches around the world. If you are a beginner, it’s completely normal that the first spells you cast don’t work. Just like planting seeds, it takes time and practice. That’s why we have arranged some easy lessons for Beginner Witches.

Explore, try different approaches, and have fun doing it!

Since prehistoric times, humans have believed in higher powers, the use of Magic, including spells, curses and enchantments. This has been a constant in most cultures until the rise of Christianity. Over the centuries, a number of influential texts or “grimoires” (manuals of Magic) have been developed, many of which became highly valued books by secret societies and organizations that kept them hidden well into the twentieth century. Keep reading to learn how spells work.


Which spells should I order? 

It is always best to go with your gut-instinct on witch spells are right for you. You will know intuitively what spells are needed to get your results. There is never a need to worry about picking the wrong spells. Ashra will schedule your spells in for spell casting and if she finds a problem with your choice, she will contact you immediately and discuss the problem with your spells. Else, she will continue forward and start spell casting your spells.

How long does it take for my spells to work? 

Each spell and situation is going to be different. There is normally an average time until manifestation located on the page with the same name of your spells. Although spells vary due to obstacles and power level, you typically have an incubation time of under 90 hours for all spells 300+ in price because they are Dragon Drule powers.

Is there anything I can do to help my spells work?

There are many things you can do during and after your spells. Please refer to the section called before / during / after to find out more. You should do at least one of the suggestions on spells

Can I get a more spells to help the first spell I ordered? Will this reinforce my current spells?

This is very normal for people to get more than one spell cast! You don’t resolve a math problem with just paper and a pencil. You tend to use a calculator and some times you will use a chalkboard. You go at the problems from many different angles to get your solutions in math, why would it be any different for spells? The more spells you have on a situation, the most support and angles are covered. It is not a requirement, but highly recommended to have at least two spells cast by Ashra to ensure the exact speed affect you want! 🙂 

Does your spells work effective without affecting free-will?

Ashra spells will never effect someone’s free-will. Her work is on the root level of energy and uses the influencing natural desires that already exist within your lover. Her spells always manifest 100% and there is never a need to worry.

Will you tell me when you are doing spell casting my spells for me?

Ashra generally does not contact you prior to the spells being cast, unless there is a problem (rare). You will hear back immediately and fast on your spells after spell casting. Full details on the spell cast are provided and the estimated +/- days of when your spells manifestation will occur. 

Will your spells conflict with any other spell casting?

Ashra is an Akychi spell master. Her work is of the highest ranked and she works with the root energy of our soul. Your spells will NEVER conflict with other spells and/or sources. When Ashra spells work at the root, there is nothing else there but the feelings, love and desires of the human she is casting upon. This is positive.

Are spells always a good solution or resolve? Are there cases I shouldn’t use spells?

No. If you are in physical harm, immediate danger or are experiencing suicidal thoughts, you should be contacting authorities and/or the proper hotlines to talk anonymously about the situation. Spells can’t help immediate threat or mental illness.

How do I place an order online?

When you have decided with love spells to order, you would click the button at the bottom of the page. Choose from the drop-down based on the options available: just the spell itself, the spell with emergency fast spell casting so you don’t have to wait, and/or a higher faster power of the spell. 

What forms of payment do you accept for spells?

I accept any form of payment, including credit card and/or through mail order. Paypal. I DON’T accept Western Union payments for your safety and mine. Please use mail to send payment, Paypal, or major credit card. 

How long does it take to receive help? Spell cast my spells?

It is a matter of hours before your spells become part of Ashra’s schedule and spell casting. Ashra is extremely fast and won’t keep you waiting on her spells.

How can I place an order for spells without a credit card?

You can send any form of physical payment through standard postal service (mail). 

Will anything be sent to my house if I order your spells?

Nothing is sent to your house that would reveal your online activities. Should you request something to be sent to your home, you can be 100% assured that Ashra will speak with you first about the package and it will be 100% blank postal box that does not reveal anything. 

I’m in a dangerous situation and/or physically feel threatened. Can you help me with spells?

Spells are not able to fix this type of problem. Please contact authorities if you feel you are in physical danger and/or having suicidal thoughts. These are serious conditions that need the help of your community to get you through it. I will understand. 

Are there any hidden fees?

What you see in the drop down is what you get… no hidden fees. Ashra is a very genuine person and would find this rather insulting. Thank you for choosing her spells.

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