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Founded by Jessica and Lucas in 1845, ZenithSpells is a child born from these principles. Our God father/mother located all around the globe. Our Head quarters is in Australia.

Carrying these gemstones today can bring success and fulfillment of your goals. Wear them as a talisman or simply keep them close to you to harness their energy. We connect the spirit realms to us lives routines to make our own destinies. We unlock the gates to the spirits world inert in our minds and soul. These processes require just understanding the world beyond.

Our Vision
(Black Magic Specialist Near Me)

They all joined us!

A beautiful community of Witchy minds is waiting for you! Find lessons, spells, meditations and tutorials. Join and grow with us! ❤️

Black Magic Specialist Near Me

Black Magic Specialist Near Me

our flagship spells


Love spells are the most widely used spell and we are proud today to say we have the strongest and most effective love spells. Very simple to apply. This spell will be most effective if one partner feels genuine love not masked by vetted interests and motives. it will enchant real natural feelings. Black Magic Specialist Near Me

Black Magic Specialist Near Me

full options


This spell is much stronger and power than love spell. It works in cases where there is already love inert and blocked by the worries of the world. This spell simply unblocks all the limitations for the right decisions to be made.

Black Magic Specialist Near Me
Love spell fast results

Black Magic Specialist Near Me

passions is built and love flows in happy moments

This spells does not create addiction. This spell does not make you very strong in love making. Our sex spell simply give your partner the pleasure he needs and long to make love just with you. It unlocks a true sense of happiness/ gratification. Fine a Black Magic Specialist Near Me.

Black Magic Specialist Near Me

Where there is a will there is a way


Trust spell will provide your partner with the confident you need him/her to have in your. This spell is not meant to be deceitful. It will work in times of true and genuine concerns. It will work for truth and block the ally of lies telling 

Black Magic Specialist Near Me

Black Magic Specialist Near Me

Make an appointment for consultation or talk directly to our online customer services to take you to the right God father/mother to attend to your case.

Success with Ashra

There are many people that are looking for success with Ashra. Review ashra spells and find out there is nothing that is hidden. Everything is upfront and legal. There will be a way to find you, if you cross her. Ashra testimonials are not easy to find unless you want them. Ashra reviews several thousand other spell casters for the best for her program. If you want the best reviews and testimonials, you have come to the right place and will need to browse around. Ashra has provided thousands of successful cases with spells. These successful cases with spells come from only the work of Ashra. She is the highest ranked and the best in the world. This is important to choose the best spell caster. Review Ashra and you will see that it is not by chance. When you want successful love spells, you go to ashra alone and her testimonials and reviews prove this too.

Don’t ever shun a person that wants to work with Ashra’s success. It is a chain reaction. There will be one success and great testimonial, followed by another powerful reviews and then next thing you know everyone wants spell casting. When you choose to invest wisely, you don’t have to worry about money. Reviews and testimonials on ashra prove that you can have successful cases with spells. There are a lot of people that doubt if a lover can come back. Bring back your lover and do it the right way. You can be an example to others looking for spells. Don’t ever look back though, as you need to 100% believe in what you are doing and not invest too much time doubting yourself. This doubt will carry through the spells and make you wonder if there is such a thing as reviews, testimonials and success.

Ashra spells received the best reviews from the spell caster’s review panel and was named the best spell cast of the year. Ashra’s success with love spells can be seen by the overwhelming number of positive reviews received daily.

  • When Katerina’s spells weren’t working for over two weeks, she knew she had to turn to a genuine spell caster for help. Katerina had been trying to be her own love spell caster to bring back her lover. Katerina spells had failed because of her inexperience and although she would do anything to bring back her lover, she knew she need real help from Ashra Spells. Review spells and a similar situation to Katerina by clicking the testimonial of Diana. Katerina had learnt the hard way, but you don’t need to suffer!
    Katerina, New York
  • Mia’s spells had a similar problem manifesting, but it wasn’t because she was doing spells herself. It was because Mia requested spells from a non-certified caster. She had just broken up with Jeremy and with her head clouded took the wrong path, choosing the worse spell caster ever. Mia’s spells were doomed to fail prior to even starting. Read Mia’s success with spells and reviews by clicking her testimonials.
    Mia, London
  • There wasn’t a day that didn’t spell disaster for Carmen. Each day just kept like it was getting worse, until Carmen’s spells came around and manifested. Now should could hardly see herself without keeping close relationships with Ashra. Carmen’s love spells were reviewed and her testimonials submitted. Find out about Carmen’s success with love spells, testimonials and reviews here. You never realize how easy it is to be with the one that you love until you read about Carmen. When you know Carmen could do it, you will see that Ashra’s spells can help work for you too!
    Carmen, California
  • Alinda felt mountains apart! Reviews, testimonials and success stories alluded her because she felt like she had already done all these things. Alinda’s spells have successfully worked and you can read her letter on the worthwhile road to get there. If anyone had doubt on how love spells were going to make her find that true love within him, it was Alinda. Alinda’s love spells have now been permanently working for 8 years! One of Ashra’s older clients, Alinda’s spells now focus on financial wealth and beauty boasts.
    Alinda, Australia
  • The earth beneath James shock! James spells had been hopeless at first. Even James couldn’t figure out what was wrong. His girl had an admiration for another girl! There is never something more devastating, but James spells quickly pulled things around and she began to realize that the emotional connection she had with her girlfriend’s could be given to her by James. James spells and situation was longer. There was truly a stubborn and odd situation to this story. It is never impossible when you focus long and hard on the goal. James spells manifested quickly to resolve one of the most uncommon problems!
    James, Florida
  • Evah and Carmel had it all. They were newly weds and happily planning their first vacation together as a couple. With all the work Carmel was facing and their soon to be born baby, she had never expected certain things to happen. Follow her road to successful spells, Evah’s spells coming to a dream come true and the perfect manifestation she had with her spells. Testimonials from Evah, showed that Evah’s spells had been working all along, but she neglected to see what was right before her eyes, until it was too late!
    Evah, Boston
  • When Dana (male) changed his name to Diana, he thought his lover would understand. Unfortunately, his partner did not understand and through the course of his turmoil, he traveling down countless roads of spells to find his lover again. Diana’s spells were not the most effective and weren’t done by the right spell casters. Diana’s spells only began to show him his true path with Ashra’s spells were spell cast for him and Ashra took on his case. Find out how Ashra’s spells helped Diana.
    Diana, United Kingdom
  • Life wasn’t complete for Ann. She could still remember the days when her and Rob would go fishing together. Ann completely reacted wrongly and didn’t know how to fix it. For it was Rob that made the mistakes and how do you make that right when it is not you? Ann’s spells healed over some of the most emotional scarring damage ever seen by Ashra. Ann’s spells took extreme power and several days to perform at a time, but the good news is that you can always go back to a time that you loved most. Ann’s love spells brought her back her happiness.
    Ann, Scotland
  • Tanith got catch up wanting a guy from her college. It wasn’t before long that they had split under a huge misunderstanding! There had never been a crueler friend trying to take away the person she loved. Tanith’s spells held true and there was little to no conflict. Tanith’s spells have been one of the fastest cases resolved in the history of Ashra. Reviews and her testimonial for Tanish’s love spells are posted.
    Tanith, United States

Lastest reviews on Ashra spells. There are over 4,000 testimonials, success stories and reviews posted on this website.

You can review all the successful cases and outcomes with Ashra right here. Ashra testimonials and reviews are up front. You can clearly see why people choose Ashra. Ashra’s spells work! I always wanted to make sure that Ashra successful spells were up front and some where I could read. The people need to know that Ashra reviews are out there. They don’t see the testimonials and then they wonder how long they need to continue believing. You should be believing 100% from the beginning in ashra success, else why did you come here in the first place? I think successful cases in spells is rather important to let the people know. Everyone wants their spells to work. No one came to just have a conversation. It would be safe if someone can’t deliver on this.

Rip off reports is not a valid place to read on someone’s success and positive outcomes. Ripe off reports for Ashra are just the rare complainers that never gave spells a chance. They were just looking to let out their anger because life wasn’t going anywhere for them. I often wonder how people can be stupid enough to go to rip off spells. Rip off spells is just a sham. Ashra reviews bring people the joy they need to hear. Testimonials on Ashra would show that these fake rip off reports don’t even mean anything at all. They were just made up. It is the ashra success that counts and the ways that ashra’s spells reviewed for a better understanding. These documentary and publications are going to help you the most on her spells.

Ashra reviews and success stories speak volume and no matter how difficult or stubborn your situation may be, her love spells simply work. Take time to read the reviews that were posted by some of Ashra’s clients. New success stories will be posted weekly and if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Ashra for assistance. 

Black Magic Specialist Near Me

Health Spells


Please feel free to contact me if you have any request which is not listed, related to this category.

Love Spells

  • Attraction Spells
  • Binding Spells (It’s different from Love Spell)
  • Spell for Divorce
  • Spell for breaking relationships


Please bear in your mind that I do not accept all requests related to this category since I consider them least pressing. Majority of cases are declined by me and I choose selective cases related to love. I will notify you if your case is declined.

Revenge or Curse

  • Banishing a spirit
  • Curse spell
  • Revenge spell
  • Spells to cause unforeseen troubles
  • Truth spell
  • Touch me not spell


This is a very serious category and only genuine requests falling in this category are entertained. Please do not contact me for silly reasons – you want to curse someone who stole your $5!

Other Spells

  • Cleansing Spell
  • Remove Black Magic
  • White energy spell
  • Hex removal spell
  • Money Spell

Anything else? Contact me!


Please avoid sending silly requests like ” Make me a millionaire through money spell”. If I could do such things, I would rather be sitting on beachside or driving a luxury car. I will explain the limitations and use of money spell in next article.


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